Angry Black Kitchen is the brainchild of Wunmi Durosinmi-Etti and was officially launched as a business in December 2018 after 15 years of cooking.


Wunmi started as a sous chef with her mother who catered for cafes in the City of London, while she was at University she had a small scale Jollof business.


In August 2018 she launched her YouTube Channel with her cook show #CookTalk with Angry Black Wunmi following the interest her cooking garnered online she decided that she wanted to share this with the world and so Angry Black Kitchen was born.


The name came from her personal Brand Angry Black Wunmi and in an attempt to keep the name on brand and connected to her she chose the name Angry Black Kitchen.


Angry Black Kitchen is best known for its infamous Jollof Rice and Fusion Brownies; the kitchen caters to intimate and corporate events, private dinner parties as well as providing a party catering service for small events and households


Angry Black Kitchen works with other brands for events and brand awareness.





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