Wunmi is a lifestyle culinary entrepreneur, mumpreneur, host and product designer who has been cooking for over 12 years and is no stranger to a kitchen. She is also mother to a wonderful little girl named Adunni, who won the hearts of viewers when she starred in the hit show 'Secret Life of 5-Year-Olds' in 2018.


A Graduate of Product Design (BSc) has featured on various shows such as  BET for a hair natural hair campaign, Channel 4 as her daughter Adunni was on 'Secret Life of a 5-Year-old', Grapevine TV a YouTube show from the USA in which a panel discuss varying social topics within the black community.


In 2018 she launched a clothing brand The Melanin Team and she also hosts her own cook show on YouTube:#CookTalk with AngryBlackWunmi, where she hosts insightful conversations over a meal they've cooked together.


Passionate about cooking she believes her kitchen is where all the magic happens, she is a confident and creative individual whose inspiration for cooking comes from her mother, her culture as well as other cooks & chefs. She has a keen interest in heritage, culture, and recipes in relation to the African diaspora and actively seeks out strong meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals over a mutual appreciation for life and food.



AngryBlackKitchen 2020

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