With over 12 years of experience, Wunmi is no stranger to the kitchen. As a lifestyle culinary entrepreneur, Wunmi has a keen interest in the heritage and cultures of the African diaspora and so frequently uses recipes from these cultures within her creations. With an aim to create an environment where meaningful conversations about the diaspora can take place; she has combined her passion for cooking and culture to create distinctive fusion food.


Inspired by her mother, Wunmi started her culinary career as a sous chef in London’s busy Square Mile. She is now sharing her passion with her wonderful daughter Adunni - who won the hearts of viewers when she starred in the hit show 'Secret Life of 5-Year-Olds' in 2018.


You could argue that the camera loves Wunmi! She has featured on various TV channels such as BET and Channel 4. Wunmi has also starred on Grapevine TV, which is an American YouTube panel show that discusses social topics that affect the black community.


Wunmi’s creative skills do not end in the kitchen. With a bachelor's degree in Product Design, and experience as a host and mumpreneur she is a living example of doing it all.

Passionate about cooking she believes her kitchen is where all the magic happens, welcome to Angry Black Kitchen!



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